The following fee schedule identifies fees and charges that may be assessed against your account.  The monthly service fee is between $4.00 and $8.00, depending upon your account type.

Statement Copies

 $ 3.00   Dormant Account

$ 5.00 per month less than $105    

Account Printout  $ 3.00   Wire Transfers $15.00
ACH Returns  $ 35.00   ACH Manual Posting $ 5.00
Certified/Cashier Checks  $ 4.00   Return Mail $ 5.00
Return Items  $ 35.00   Stop Payment $ 12.00
Check Copies  $ 2.00   ATM Withdrawals $0.50 each after first five
Tellerline  $ 0.40 each after 7th  inquiry   Phone Transfers/Inquiries $3.00 each
Withdrawals $ 5.00 for balance less than $105.00    Bill Payment $4.00
Overdraft Priviledge  $ 35.00   Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Change of Account Number $ 25.00   Rolled Coins  5% of Total Amount of coins: Must include account number on each roll 
Deposit Verification $25.00   Loan Application fee $ 10.00 and above
Account Closed Within 90 Days $ 10.00    Fax  $1.00 Per Page

 Note: Members receive 3 free withdrawals per month on the savings account.  After the 3rd withdrawal, the fee is $5.00 each on balances less than $105.00. 

Fees may be imposed on each check, draft item, ATM Card withdrawal, debit card withdrawal, debit card point purchase, preauthorized automatic debit, telephone initiated withdrawal or any other electronic withdrawal or transfer transaction that is drawn upon an insufficient available account balance.  The entire balance in your account may not be available for withdrawal, transfer or payment of a check, draft or item.  You may consult the Funds Availability Policy concerning the availiability of funds in your account.  Fees for overdrawing your account may be imposed for each overdraft, regardless of whether we pay or return the draft, item, or transaction.  If we approve an overdraft protection limit for your account, such fees may reduce your approval limit.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule for current fee information, or contact your credit union representative for updated fee information.

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