Becoming a member of Memphis Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union is easy.  In order to become a member,  A valid State issued ID or Driver's License, or U.S. Passport  and Social Security Card must be presented to get started.  You must work for one of our sponsors and deposit a minimum of $14.00 which includes a non-refundable membership fee of $9.00 and a minimum deposit of $5.00.

***This will allow you to open a share savings account.  

NOTE: If you are a Christian of any denomination, you are also eligible for membership, effective October 8, 2007, under the Christian Benevolent Lodge Society. Deposit is a minimum of $30.00.  This includes a non-refundable Christian Benelovent fee of $16.00, a membership fee of $9.00,and a minimum deposit of $5.00. 
Additional rules may apply so check with your credit union representative.

***To open a checking account, the required deposit is a minimum of $100.00. There is no requirement to have a checking account in order to become a member, only a share savings account.

If you are eligible for membership in this credit union, so are the members of your immediate family. Family is defined as spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Once you and your family member join the credit union and maintain your regular share account, your membership is for a lifetime. 

Here Are Our Sponsors:  



City of Memphis

Regional One Health

Memphis Housing Authority

NIDEC Motor Corporation

 Shelby County

Hi-Speed Electrical

Airport Authority


         Family Home Health Agency

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